Friday, August 27, 2010

OMG A blog entry??!!

Lol yes, it's been much needed for me to actually blog something. It's shocking that I haven't written anything... actually it's awful! It's going to be a year that I opened up this blog and I haven't written anything!!! Ahhh!! I am bad I know, I know -_- The thing is I've actually have had so many fashionable moments, but I've just been too lazy to document them... which is the whole point of this blog haha. Oh well, it's never too late to pick up where you left off things. So to start up my blogging -- I don't really have a fashionable outfit-- but I do have an amazing make up look that I tried out yesterday. Here is a photo of the look and maybe I will do a tutorial on it soon enough :)

I did a gorgeous blue smoky eye. It looks really pretty hehe

A close up shot. Lot's of blue-y tones

A shot with both lids.

I will be blogging more often :) Promise!!

Live, Laugh, Love, and Shop ;)

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