Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eco-Fashion at the Oscars

This past weekend at the Oscars, stars went all out by dressing in Eco-friendly gowns and tuxedos designed by top designers in the industry making fashion seem more chic than ever. 

Eco-star Livia Firth is on an Eco-friendly mission to turn Hollywood fashion into a green one. She is leading the "Green Carpet Challenge" which got celebrities looking all dolled up in Eco-fashion outfits last year at the Oscars as well as the 2013 Oscars.

Meryl Streep
Photo: National Post

Last year's Oscars, Best Actress winner Meryl Streep wore a gold-lamé gown by designer Lanvin.
“The gown is gold, full-length and made from Eco Certified Fabric sourced with help from the GCC,” Firth wrote in her blog. “I could not be more delighted!”

Livia Firth and husband Colin Firth
Photo: RCFA

 At the 2012 Oscars, Firth wore a custom-made gown by Valentino. The gown was made from recycled PET fabric and Valentino’s house silk. Firth’s husband, Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, wore the same tux he had on the previous year.

“Tonight [Colin Firth] wears that Tom Ford wool tuxedo from last year,” Firth wrote in her blog dated February 2012. “He joins the GCC by virtue of recycling!”

 Firth is the creative director of Eco Age. She co-founded the Green Carpet Challenge back in 2010 in order to bring eco-fashion into mainstream Hollywood. Firth and her brother established Eco Age as a means to become more "socially responsible."

"The fact that nothing like Eco Age existed in the world and that the current times were right to focus on a sustainable business. There are no excuses now not to lead a more sustainable life style," Firth says in a blog bio from Vogue's UK website.

Firth at the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

 Photo: Zimbio

This year, Firth did not attend The Dolby Theatre for the Oscars and instead went to the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood Park. She wore a Grace Kelly-inspired dress by New Zealand-born designer Emilia Wickstead. The gown is made of Global Organic Textile Stranded-certified silk organza.

"I also dug out my trusty Oscar accessories; the shoes and clutch bag by Roger Vivier that have stood me in such good stead for the last two Academy Awards," Firth wrote in her blog. "Who says you can't recycle on the red carpet?" 

For the 2013 Oscars other celebrities who donned Eco-fashion outfits were Best Supporting Actress winner, Anne Hathaway; actress Helen Hunt; actress Missi Pyle; Skyfall actress Naomie Harris; writer-actress Lianne Spiderbaby; and actor Kenneth Branagh.      

Top design houses are creating fabulous outfits proving that Eco-fashion can be just as glamorous.

Anne Hathaway
Photo: Softpedia

Anne Hathaway wore vegan pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti

Helen Hunt
Photo: CBS News

Helen Hunt donned a blue satin gown from H&M. H&M named Global Green U.S.A the American affiliate of Green Cross International. The actress supports the cause and is the U.S recipient of H&M’s clothing-recycling program. 

Missi Pyle
Photo: Glamour

 Missi Pyle wore a cruelty-free, mineral-dyed “peace” silk gown by Valentina Delfino. Pyle also wore vegan heels by Stella McCartney.

Naomie Harris
Photo: FashionHound

Naomie Harris chose a flirtatious gown by designer Michael Badger. The gown featured Global Organic Textile Standard certified silk crepe de chine, recycled zippers, vintage glass beads, hand-embroidered chocolate-candy-wrapper embellishments, and a pale mustard hue derived from a dye bath of goldenrod and chamomile seeds.

Lianne Spiderbaby with Quentin Tarantino
Photo: Montreal Gazette
Lianne Spiderbaby opted for a hand-beaded gown by Mara Hoffman.

Kenneth Branagh with his wife Lindsay Brunnock
Photo: Daily News
Kenneth Branagh wore an eco-friendly merino wool tuxedo by Ermenegildo Zegna.

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