Monday, April 1, 2013

Vancouver eco fashion week is coming!

Only a few weeks away until Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week (EFW) will be taking place on April 21-24 at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver. 

Photo credit: EFW website

This will be the sixth season for Myriam Laroche and her team to be launching another great eco- fashion week. The team is excited and preparing its final touches before they launch the show. This event has become an important one because it helps encourage a better green lifestyle for the city of Vancouver and internationally.

EFW's mission is to present the industry with sustainable fashion concepts and help ensure consumer values, intentions and actions. More than two thousand global VIP guests, buyers, designers, stylists and others involved within the fashion industry will be attending EFW. There will be speaker seminars, industry panels, showrooms and the runway shows.

"We want to provoke and propel the desire for people to change and become conscious of the environment through as simple as fashion. This will help ensure solutions for a better ecology and society," said EFW's production manager Carly Bradley. "Collaborating with designers and organizations allow us to give people the chance to ask questions about how and where our clothes and things get made."

Carly Bradley enjoying her coffee at Gene Cafe. Photo credit: Marie Del Cid
 The fabulous Carly Bradley is  originally from Alberta and moved to Vancouver about five years ago. She graduated from the Art Institute in fashion marketing and has always had a passion for fashion. She said she loves fashion because clothing is an art form.  
"It's important for people to be aware of sustainable fashion because it's the easiest way to help the environment. We want to help keep this beautiful planet running for future generations," said Bradley. 

Bradley helps with the production and booking for organizations and companies, as well as assist with the showroom, she basically makes sure that EFW will be running smoothly.
"Awareness for sustainable fashion is needed because this is an environmentally damaging industry," said Bradley. She also said that all of the EFW events that will be taking place are all worth to check out.

 You can visit EFW's website for more information on how to get involved such as volunteer opportunities or any other inquiries. Tickets for the show are now being sold so be sure to purchase your tickets.

There is also a great article on EFW on the Toronto Sun's website.
Be sure to follow EFW's twitter and to like their Facebook page.

Live, Laugh, Love and Shop ;)

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