Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brush, Brush, and more lovely brushes

Good Afternoon Guys! :)

I posted a video on youtube yesterday, regarding a review I did on the Kirkland; Costco makeup brushes. They sell at only $18.99 which is amazing for the whole complete set. It brings 8 professional soft bristle brushes, a 4 piece travel set, a lash curler, and a makeup bag. All of that for a good affordable price! I was waiting in April (when I heard of them) to purchase the brushes. The down side was I had to wait until November or December to get them :P But now I finally got them! :D

The Case

The Inside. Many compartments for your items

Close up of the brushes

I believe they are only a Christmas offer, because every year they arrive at Costco right around November/December. I think they have been doing this since 2006? I'm not sure, but in any case totally worth your money for a beginner set.

Check out my video to get a glimpse of the brushes and what not.

Live, Laugh, Love and Shop ;)

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